Hatyai by Day

posted by Jan

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I took this shot of Hatyai skyline from the 32nd floor of Lee Gardens Plaza. It's amazing to see most part of Hatyai from the top. This was the Hatyai where a couple of months ago, the water rose until 2 meters high. I wonder if there are a lot of metal buildings here, they would be rusted by now?

Nevertheless, this is to say that Hatyai has been one of those unforgettable places for me. I have shed buckets of tears during my first 3 months in Hatyai. I did struggle a lot, emotionally and financially. It was the most challenging time for me, to be in Hatyai with less support emotionally and financially. But in Hatyai, I saw how God never leaves His people. He just started pouring out blessings like never before. Like I always say, God's blessings come in mysterious ways. Sometimes, we have to wait... but He's never too late.

Everytime I go to Hatyai, I am always reminded by His faithfulness. I remember I made a deal with Him one morning when I was literally down on my face, crying out to Him. I had to apologize to Him a few years later after that. Whatever I said was out of desperation. But His will prevails.

God is amazing.