How to Propose a Toast

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I have posted recently about our cousin's wedding, which will be on Saturday. My husband, as a first cousin, first son, first grandson in the family, was asked to propose a toast for the dinner.

So now, we're trying to prepare a speech for the toast.

How do you actually propose a toast?

I have been to many functions and see how people propose a toast. The best toasts I have heard so far are those that are brief, witty, sincere, and to the point.

I guess when you make a toast, you have to make sure you get everybody's attention. But I also believe that in wedding dinners, especially here in Malaysia, the emcee would announce the wedding toast so you don't need, as a toastee, to do that.

Steps on proposing a toast:

1. You may stand up, briefly introduce yourself, how you're related to the honoree.

2. You may say a line or two, just to say something about the honoree. Make it witty or funny, or dramatic... depending on you, what you want to achieve: Do you want to make a speech that can make people teary-eyed? Or do you want them to laugh? It's all yours.

3. Make sure your speech doesn't include personal jokes, even if you're very close to the person.

4. Raise your glass and make 3 wishes. If possible, make it easy for the guests to follow the wishes.

5. Sip the wine... and don't drink it at once!

6. In Chinese culture, everybody will say... Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Sennnnnnnnggggggg!!!!! The longer you can say that, the better.

7. Enjoy the rest of the time clinking and clanking your wine glasses!

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