HTC Desire

posted by Jan

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I have a new phone and I am excited! What happened to my htc desire hd my friend gave me a few months ago? Well, I didn't know but it just turned blank and I couldn't use it anymore. I went to a service center and they told me I'd have to pay 500RM (about 150$US) to get it fixed. But no, thanks, I thought. It's really not worth fixing it with that much amount. So, again, I didn't have phone for many months now.

My husband bought a cheap phone last month because the battery of his phone died off and he had to have a phone for emergency use. But after a week, he changed the battery so now, I am the new owner of that cheap phone. And I am using it while in Thailand, with my own Thai contact number. Isn't that cool? No? Oh well... LOL.