My Little Fashionista

posted by Jan

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When my Samantha was still a toddler, at around 2 and 3 years of age, she didn't like wearing skirts and dresses. She would always want to wear pants and short pants. I almost got worried about it. And to think that I was too excited to buy her pretty dresses but she wouldn't wear them. But just before she turned 4, she started liking dresses. I am happy coz I see a lot of nice dresses to buy for her.

I know, from younger time, she would do her own mixing and matching of clothes. I guess she's just into fashion as she knows which dress to match which shoes. LOL. Either she would make a good fashion designer or fashion consultant, of not a fashion model. LOL. I am though she would get into more serious career like being doctor, or a Mesothelioma lawyer, or an engineer or even an architect. But like what I always, whatever career she would get into in the future, I'll be here giving all my support. It goes the same with my boy.