My Old Sari

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I am so happy that I can, again, wear my old and yet my favorite sari. The blouse had been too tight for me after the preggy days and had been impossible to wear the last couple of years.

And so, upon learning that my husband's cousin was going to get married at the end of the year, I decided on wearing a sari. My first sari which my brother-in-law bought for me from Indian (worth 30RM only), and has been my favorite sari came into my mind. I though if I could wear that sari on the wedding ceremony, I would be happy.

And so while others were probably using md clear to clear their faces of acne, I started using South Beach diet plan (which my friend Josiet so willingly shared) one week before the wedding. And I am happy enough to see the result:

Me wearing my favorite red sari with my girl wearing her first ever purple Lengha:

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