Noche Buena and Christmas Brunch 2010

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Just wanna post images/photos of our Noche Buena and Christmas Brunch.

Malaysia is not really big on noche buenas (Christmas eve meal) but I like to carry on the tradition in my family even if it means it's just us. At exactly 12 midnight, USJ 19 mall in front of our housing area did some fireworks. The kids got so excited to see the fireworks.

We had sushis for Noche Buena. LOL. I know it does sound weird. But ham and cheese could wait the next day, for brunch.

The family usually have dinner on Christmas Day itself but since we were invited for a birthday dinner that day, we hosted brunch for the family. And as expected, brunch was at 2pm (instead of the proposed 11 a.m. It's always a bummer for me. I know I have to adjust to it... but...

I made up my mind so our day and my mood won't be affected. We celebrated Christmas at brunch with my immediate family, said a word of thanksgiving for Jesus Christ. After all, He is the essence of Christmas.

My in-laws came only at 2pm. I guess next time I invite them for a brunch, I should say it's going to be at 8am. Then if they come at 11 we can do it on time. LOL.

Well, anyways... at least I did the necessary with my family on Christmas day. It is really important that kids know the meaning of Christmas.

I hope everybody had a blast celebrating Jesus' birth.

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