Noche Buena and Christmas Brunch

posted by Jan

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I didn't really plan in doing something for noche buena (Christmas eve meal) but while we were shopping for our Christmas brunch (yes, I will be hosting a Christmas brunch for the family), I saw some sushis and craved for them. So I bought some and reserved it for noche buena.

I also didn't plan on decorating the house for Christmas but the kids had been urging me to do so. They even started decorating the house themselves. And so... I went ahead with it. Schenker was so happy. He'd always say: I always like the house decorated. Thanks Mommy!

And so, I am glad the kids forced me to decorate the house. Otherwise it would be plain brunch tomorrow.

So what's the menu for my Christmas brunch? Here's my list:

  • English roast ham
  • Roast beef
  • eggs (sunny side up, omelet with mozzarella, scrambled eggs - depending on what my guests order)
  • cheese ( cheddar, danish brie, jack pesto cheese, string cheese)
  • garlic bread
  • wholemeal toasted bread with peanut butter (for the boy) and chocolate (for the girl)
  • fruits (apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges)
  • (this reminds me I forgot to buy carrots and cucumber - arg!)
  • unshelled walnuts (gives me a reason to use my nutcracker I bought at a 1 Dollar shop in the US early this year.
  • fruit juice (malee pineapple juice, tangerine orange juice and tomato juice)
  • English tea
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • a clean and cozy house. :) this explains the late night blogging.
And it's already 4am. Need to get up early on Christmas morning to prepare brunch.

But I just want to greet you and your family a Blessed Christmas 2010 first before signing off.