A Pet Dog?

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Our friend who picked us up from the KL Central station was telling us about his dog giving birth to puppies and did we want a puppy for ourselves? I though about it. I was glad the kids didn't hear the question, actually. Otherwise, they would be jumping up and down and pressure me to take the offer.

Actually there are just too many things to consider when you have pets. For our family, we travel a lot. We don't want to hassle people by just taking care of our dogs when we go out station. And also, what if nobody's around to take care of the dogs? We'll just decide not to go? That would be a KJ (kill joy) move already.

Also, we have to think about the food, dog medicine, comfort, etc. I am not even sure if we're required to do dog dna testing (?).

Dogs also need time. You have to walk them outside the house in certain time. I already have enough in taking the kids out for the park.

And so, to take or not to take a pet dog? I am definitely sure not to take the offer. But of course, I appreciate the gesture of thinking about offering it to us first.

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1 comment