Project: Zen

posted by Jan

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My sister and I were chatting and I casually mentioned that I wanted to do zen, not literally though. She commented that it's a challenge to de-clutter ones mind. Actually, when I said zen, I just wanted to de-clutter my house. I guess when everything in your environment is organized, you would feel at peace and relaxed, too. And so, for me, zen starts from de-cluttering your home environment.

I started clearing up our store room no. 1. It was truly a success. Today, I started clearing and cleaning the store room no. 2. It's not actually a store room, it's just a vacant room downstairs and because it's vacant, I tended to dump things inside until things started piling up.

This reminds me to check whole house water filter because the last few days, I've been noticing a discoloration on our water. I guess we need to replace our filter system already.

And so, tomorrow, I'll continue on with my project: Zen.