Renting a Car

posted by Jan

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My husband has been trying to contact this guy who rents a car. The guy has only Toyota Vios to spare. So I guess we're going to go around Phuket with a Vios car. :D Anyways, here in Phuket, it's easy to drive around. Gosh... I am so excited that once again, we can do this. It's actually quite cheap to rent that car. We only need to pay 1,200 Baht per day. That's about 40$. We only need to make sure it has car insurance and a full tank of gas and off we go!

I remember so well on how we spent time driving around when I was still living here and my boyfriend-then-husband-now would drive the jeep. It was quite exciting to use a jeep and cheaper too. But now with friends and kids, I guess we can't do that.