Skype is Down?

posted by Jan

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When I opened my computer today, I noticed that my skype wasn't connecting. It's usually the first one to connect. So i thought I had a problem with my connected. I re-booted my wi-fi modem. But my skype wasn't connecting still.

When I opened my browser, it got connected to the internet because I could open pages. One of my friends in FB complained about skype. Then I realized it wasn't my connection that had problem but with skype.

They said skype is having an outage problem. The good news is that engineers at skype are creating new meganodes that would solve the problem. It's not that I am a regular user of skype. I don't use it much because my microphone is not working. I use it when my husband travels and we chat there.

Well, for all of you who are wondering what's happening with skype today, with the new meganodes being created as of now by skype engineers, the skype connection would go back to normal in a few hours time. Hang in there!