Van to Ranong from Phuket

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We took a van to Ranong from Phuket. We usually rent a van just to send us to Ranong. It would be difficult for us take a public transportation as we usually carry so many things from Malaysia to give out to people. It's not cheap to rent a van... but what do we expect. It's 5 hours away from Phuket. I wonder how much it would cost if we rent Polaris ATV instead? LOL.

Anyways, when we get back to Phuket, we're going to rent another car to take us around Phuket Island. I am excited for this trip as this is going to be Samantha's first time to visit and go around Phuket.

I am already thinking on what to eat while in Phuket.

Kanom jin, perhaps? Or maybe, kanom jin? What about Kanom jin? LOL. Can you tell I like Kanom jin so much? Kanom jin is a rice noodles that would go with nam yaa (fish sauce) It's quite spicy but since I love it, I just prepare cold drinks to ease the burning sensation.

Oh well, since this post is all about transportation, I'm not going to post a photo of kanom jin. Maybe, on the next post I will. It will surely make you drool.