Another Blog Giveaway Brewing

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Yes, my dear readers... another blog giveaway is brewing. I am definitely sure it's going to happen and it's going to be soon. In fact, you can count the days on your fingers. LOL.

How do you like strutting your get up with a red scarf like this?

I just wanna quote something I overheard from my girl's drama school:

Teacher: do you know what this is?

Students: a scarf

Teacher: What is a scarf?

Students: to put around the neck when you feel cold.

Me: surprised that even 8 year-old kids and below could tell the purpose of a scarf.

Teacher: Very clever answer. But do you know I can wear a scarf just for a style?


And my point?

You can use a scarf just for a style. And with this Thai silk scarf, you can wear anytime. And yes, i can only afford a scarf to giveaway and not an electric blanket for a really cool weather.

And so, if you wanna try your "luck"... watch out for my blog giveaways. (I have more coming) And I am excited. Woot!