Booked and Excited

posted by Jan on


I just booked our mommy getaway and I am excited. It's going to be next month already. I tell you, before I made the booking it was a challenge to set the time when we can be free to go out for a few days. You know we have to take our kids' schedule and our husbands' schedule into the consideration. And so, last week, we have finally come up with the dates that would coincide each other's free time. It's not that we are free on those days. It's just that on those days, we could compromise some things, leave them, and give ourselves a break.

We started talking about this as a passing comment before. And as we joked about it, we became more and more serious and talked about setting up the date to make the plan concrete.

And also, we talked joked about daring a challenge: to wear two-piece swimsuits. You see, we're all mommies and we're all struggling to get back into our pre-pregnancy figure. At least i do. And so we'll probably click here and see whether we need to really use some pills to help us lose some of those extra pounds we gained. Hahahaha. I am not sure how the other two girls are going to take it if we really do that challenge. I am more on a thick-skinned type and I don't care what people say about how I look... so if I have to do that on a dare, I would. Promise. LOL.