Cheat Day

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I have been doing a less carb diet. I guess I have been good so far with the exception of occasional binging of rice. LOL. Well, I have an excuse sometimes... it's my dad's birthday, it's my nephew's birthday, etc., etc. Well, one can always find excuses just to cheat, right?

Tonight is my cheat night.

I have a lot of work to do.

I ate early with the kids (chicken stew plus celery dipped in homemade thousand island dressing).

Prepared the nephews for pick up, prepared kids to bed, then I started rolling up my sleeves again to check fb. LOL. Actually, I have some work online to do. It's just that I need to warm up first, get some ideas on what to write, etc., etc. (that's a good excuse too). Then I felt in.

Hunger pangss.

I checked my cupboard, there's no more roasted nuts to snack on. I didn't wanna eat celery again. Then I remembered I still had a cup of noodles. And my hubby just bought us a couple of cans of coke for our movie date tonight when the kids are asleep.

So yeah, I cheated.


I hope this won't happen again. A can of coke and a bowl of noodles? For a midnight snack? It does spell trouble, doesn't it? Well, there's always alternatives... but do diet pills work for me? Would it work if I still continue with my not-planned-midnight-snack like this?


But as a consolation, I really loved that noodles. Yum. LOL.


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