How to Backup Wordpress Blogs

posted by Jan on


When you do paid blogging under wordpress blog, I know it is a nightmare when one day, you can't access your blog and it says:

your blog is under suspension, you have to delete all your paid posts.

You can imagine my horror when two of my blogs under wordpress had this notification, three years ago.

Actually, that's where self-hosting came in... which I'm going to talk about later.

And so, to avoid having your blog under wordpress completely deleted, you transfer your domain (yes, even when you have your own domain but if it's still in wordpress platform, you are not allowed to do paid blogging) to a self webhost. The first thing you need to do is: do a wordpress blog back up.

I did mine manually. I don't know how to otherwise. :D

So how to do a wordpress blog back up manually?

It's as simple as that of doing Blogger blog backup.

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • On the left side bar, you can see tools
  • Under tools, you can see import, export blog.
  • Click export blog. You know you are in the right place when you see this page:

  • Click download export file button
  • Save
  • Rename the file to the name of your blog and the date of the current export
That's it. You can do as often as you want. Just don't forget the folder where you save it at. :D

Happy wordpress blog backupping!