How to Increase Your Readership

posted by Jan on ,


I have a friend who is new in blogging that wanted to know how to increase his readership. I thought of a few. I know there are many ways to increase readership but I can share with you the little that I know and remember. It doesn't mean that I do those. And so, how does a blogger increase the readership?

1. Write good articles. People will come to your blog and come back again if they find your posts to be helpful.

2. Blog frequently. By frequently, how many times do we have to blog? Some would say that you can post a few times a week. But I just read from a blog somewhere (I forgot the link, sorry) that to post frequently means to post twice a day.

3. I don't have a lot of friends that come and visit my blogs but I do get visits from google. Yes, google sends me traffic. By this, I say, use a lot of good keywords in your posts.

4. If you're into social networking, use it to your advantage. You can post your latest blog updates on Facebook or Twitter or other social networking sites. Or better yet, you connect your blog to these sites. I just created a networkedblogs app for my blogs and when I checked my sitemeter, it does indeed send me traffic.

5. Register your blog in directories. You may register for a entrecard account too. It can give you traffic, especially if you have a very catchy niche.

6. Bloghop. Leave comments. Network yourself with other bloggers. I am sure they will come and check out your blog too.

7. Work on using good grammar. (I am working on it until now. Sometimes, I write too fast that I miss correcting my spelling and my grammar). The good news is, you can always edit.

8. Enjoy blogging.