HTC Desire Versus Nokia

posted by Jan

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Last year, while I was planning a holiday with my friend, I was using my husband's phone to communicate with her. I guess she wasn't comfortable doing that. The next time we met, she gave me her HTC desire. Probably, if she gave it to me now, I'd be more ecstatic. :D

But I dunno why, that phone just died off. When I went to an HTC service center, they said it would cost up to 500RM (almost 2 hundred bucks) to fix it. But I can trade it in for 100RM. It's kind of cheap to trade it in... might as well buy a new blackberry bold, right? Oh well...

I didn't want to do that. I mean, the trade in of my friend-given HTC Desire. So right now, I'm still keeping it, hoping that one day it will "rise up" again. LOL!

My husband, on the other hand, had to buy a new phone because his phone battery died and he was short of time to get its battery again. He bought an old model Nokia. But when he replaced his phone, he gave this Nokia to me. Just in time to communicate with my other girl friend for our girls' day out.

With me using a gadget like this just to communicate, it doesn't matter what phone I am using. As long as I can get the message across and receive some in return, I'll be fine.

For now.