Is Real Writing Jobs a Scam?

posted by Jan on


I got an email comment notification in my inbox from one of my blogs and when I checked it, the commenter was saying something about Real Writing Jobs and whether I wanted to join the team or not? As curious as I was (and of course, it's a writing job, who won't get curious?) I checked their website out.

Apparently, Real Writing Job, from what I read in their website, is a web service that caters to people who aspire to become freelance writers. Real Writing Jobs is not only a middleman between you as a writer and the employers but they will also offer you training on how to be more effective in the craft of writing.

A lot of employers today are looking to outsource some of their projects and jobs to save more, even small businesses and internet marketers outsource their content or articles since they themselves are not capable of good copywriting. Certainly a lot of people as well turn to freelance jobs to earn some extra cash and some even make it as a full-time freelance writer. Real Writing Jobs is one website that offers their service to both such parties.

Here comes the juicy part. Like I said, I am as curious as a monkey. So I read further. In order to get into the system, you need to pay 4.79$ by either credit card or paypal account. You will be given a 7-day trial with that amount. After that, you can opt to either continue the service or cut it off. If you decide to continue with the servive, you need to pay 77$ for a life time membership.

And so, I thought... I could probably earn that much in a week... why don't I go for a trial run first?

And so, I registered, opted for paypal instead of credit card. While processing, it opened my paypal. I signed in  with my username and password for that account. And before checking out, it asked for my two credit card details which was found when I opened my paypal to register.

The thought of them getting into my paypal account and getting all the info horrified me. And so I quickly closed the website and quickly changed the password for my paypal account. I guess it's worth doing that, securing my information.


Now I won't know whether Real Writing Jobs is a scam or not. I need to yet find it out.

Have you heard about this company? Is it a scam? Is it legit? Does it really comply its promise that you would earn up to 100$ for an article?