Midnight Snacks

posted by Jan

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I was just complaining in my previous post about me cheating on my diet. While I was "lurking" (again) on my facebook, one of my friends is having a midnight snack. I didn't feel so bad after all. LOL.

I guess when we're hungry, we just eat. The only thing though is that we should be aware of what we eat. I had coke and instant noodles. One of my friend's snacks today was a puto (rice cake) with cheese. Awww. I miss that so much. Some more others are showing what they eat... like Vietnamese beef noodles cooked in coconut juice. Woah. Can you imagine the sugar in it?

I guess some people are just born to eat. LOL. Probably these people are the ones that can be seen reading alli reviews. LOL. What to do, some people are just having slow metabolism. (Am I giving another excuse again?) LOL.

Anyways, I'm going to hit the sack soon. My eyes are a bit droopy already.

Good night, everyone!