Of Ivy, Clinique and Bobbi Brown

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What are the chances of meeting Ivy again?

9 years ago, I was in Subang Parade browsing through cosmetics department, hoping of all hopes that there was hope for my skin. LOL. There was a free skin consultation and with a special apparatus, my skin was checked and I found out I had combination type of skin, meaning oily on the T-zone and dry on the rest.

I went to the Clinique counter and asked for advise. She was very nice, the lady I approached on. She gave me so much information that got me finally convinced of using Clinique for my face. I bought the 3-step skin care. She gave me lots of Clinique product samples. I was elated at the thought of finally using a good product for my skin.

I'd usually buy in bigger portion. They'd last for more than a year. Then I'd go back to her. I only saw her three times then she left.

I never saw her again.

But I continued on using the Clinique.

Until it was too much for my skin, I needed a special kind of treatment. My beauty specialist gave me Beaubelle but thought I would like to change back to Clinique when it's finished.

Then last month, as I was going to buy Clinique again, my husband suggested to try other products... like Bobbi Brown. I would never know the result until I tried it, he said. And so, as obedient wife as I was (yeah, right), I passed by Bobbi Brown first, hoping to get some samples.

The sales lady approached me.

She looked familiar.

Then I saw the badge.


I was thrilled. I thought I'd never see her again.

We talked again and found out she resigned from her job due to some illnesses. She was on medication that made her really fat. She said if we saw her two or three years ago, we wouldn't be able to recognize her. So we asked her how she became so thin again. She said she took some kind of special weight loss drinks but I cannot remember the name already. I may have to ask her again. :D

Anyways, what were the chances of meeting her again... this time that I wanted to try Bobbi Brown for the first time?

Like the first time I met her at Clinique, she gave me samples of skin care for Bobbi Brown. Fantastic lady she is.

But really I consider meeting her a blessing in disguise. She was there 9 years ago when I wanted to use Clinique for the first time.

And she was there when I wanted to try Bobbi Brown for the first time.

Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps.