Should I or Shouldn't I?

posted by Jan

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I was checking out my wardrobe the other day in search for a favorite top that was given to me by my husband. I really liked that red top from British India and I wanted to use it (with my new skirt) for a special occasion that will happen next month. And guess what, after hours of searching, I finally found it, but sadly it would not fit me anymore. Yikes.

The top was still the way as I remembered it, deep red, beautiful and classy, and it made me want to use it more. Now, all I just have to think of is how to make that top fit me again. I considered using diet pills, but what do you think? I think this is what I need to make what I want (for the top to fit me) happen. I stumbled upon an article on phentermine reviews, and I think this might just work. I will try it, and in a month, I will be able to see how effective it is.

Or maybe I'll just buy a new red dress? What do you think of this one?

I can just imagine me rocking this red dress with a gold dangling earrings and oversized bracelet, my gold Elle purse and a pair of sexy stilettos, in gold too, pls. Woahhh... My husband would be speechless when he sees me in this one.