Weekend Madness

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We had a total weekend madness last week. It was filled with family activities. And to think my husband was away in Penang for a work meeting. So my husband had to arrange transportation for us.

Usually we go to Subang Parade for family fun on weekends. We would never give MPH bookstore a miss. The kids would be pulling us to go there.

 I would be browsing through photography books and magazines. Schenker would be reading at least one Usbourne book... and Samantha would be happy looking at princesses books.

But last week, because we're having a new schedule for our weekend because of the kids' extra curricular classes, I found myself washing (read: washing by hands) the kids uniform in the middle of the night. It was madness indeed.

So this time, what did I do? Tomorrow is the start of weekend family fun. And so, I started washing clothes today. How cool a mother am I? LOL.

With this, I am happy to say:

Weekened, I am so ready!

Hope everyone will have a good weekend. :D