What Happened to My Bloggy Earning in 2010?

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And so what happened to my bloggy earning in 2010?

First, let me tell you what happened to my bloggy earning in 2009. I used it mostly for traveling. In 2009, God has opened an opportunity for me to travel and I have traveled to 10 new countries.

  • I was able to take my family (and my parents-in-law) for a Macau - Hongkong - China trip in April-May 2009.

  • My parents came for 2 months in August - September and I took them for a short trip to Hatyai, Thailand.

  • I paid my own way to London, UK (when my husband had to go for a conference in Bogota, Colombia) and then to Bogota, Colombia. I thank God that that time, there was an Air Asia promotion to London. And from London, we took Air France. So the airfare was not that heavy to the pocket.

  • And at the end of 2009, God provided for my fare to go to US with my husband .... and the blessing was brought forward to year 2010...

Which I can start the 2010 now.

While in the US, we had a side trip to Mexico. Then on our way back to Malaysia from the US, we have a 5-hour tour in Seoul South Korea.

Then I vowed I wouldn't travel with my husband for the rest of 2010.

And so the bloggy earning was used to buy 2 dslr's.

  • Sony A380 with twin lens (I thought of selling but later decided against it. Sony produces a very good quality pictures. I am keeping it for my son)

  • Nikon D90 with kit lens.

  • And a primary lens 50mm f/1.4

  • We had some small time family trips in Malaysia and in Thailand and I took care of the finances.

  • We had a big time party for family in November last year, too. And of course, I helped out a bit in our family's needs.

  • And some earnings for 2010 will be brought forward for 2011 as I have booked a family travel for 2011 and bought my parents and sister's airfare from the Philippines to Malaysia for July - September. And booked a small time holiday for me with friends.

Phew! Finally I was able to evaluate how I spend my earnings. And so, to say it briefly:

  1. 2009 was a year of travel
  2. 2010 a year of photography

I consider bloggy earning as a blessing from God. I stay at home only and can't help much. But the good thing is that, I can earn something and yet I can stay at home and be hands on with my kids.

I wonder how others spend their bloggy earnings?


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