D-I-Y Header

posted by Jan on


Woot! I finally made my own header.

Our Family Story Header

How did I make my own blog header?

  • Made a collage of the photos in Picasa  3
  • Upload the collage in photobucket
  • Re-size the image so it matches with the template header
  • Copied the link of the image
  • Changed the original template image to my own D-I-Y header
  • Save
And voila! I have made my own header. I guess I owe it to you to make a more comprehensive step by step on how I did the collage from Picasa 3. I will have to do it next time. For now, I am happy with this blog's header.

I am persistent like this. I won't stop until I complete what I started. For others it may be easy to do this. But this is my first time to do a collaged header. I used to make my own header last time when I was exploring on doing my own template but that was a long time ago.

I am like this at home, too. Everytime I start fixing something, I won't stop until I finish it. For all you know, I'm good in motor home repair too. Hehehe. I am technical like that. I guess I took it from my father a little bit. He's like the jack of all trades.

I just realized I saved myself some 15 whooping bucks! I was actually planning to hire somebody to do my header. The cheapest I could find was 15$. I'm glad I tried first before contacting her.