Family Legacy

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What do you want to leave as a family legacy?

Since I am married and have a family outside my country, I can't quite impose some of my cultures and traditions. I have one that I want my kids to follow, the "mano po" or "bless" tradition where the kids put the back of the hand of the parents on their  foreheads before leaving the house and arriving home. Schenker felt it was quite funny at first but he's kind of used to it now. Samantha loves doing it.

I noticed that Malays do that too. They kiss the back of the hands of the older people.

I like this kind of tradition. It's very sweet.

Also, my family now is big on hospitality. My kids would get very excited when they know we have guests coming to visit. They would turn on the yellow lights and turn on the aircon for that cozy feel. I think pendant lighting would give such feel, too.

The most favorite part of my kids when we have guests is when we serve tea. They love doing that. And I'm quite proud when they get very happy serving tea. I guess that's our family legacy. We love doing hospitality.

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