Good Morning, Monday

posted by Jan


I woke up very early today.

At 2:00 am.

I knew I had to finish all my assignments before 12nn today. I want to beat the cut off.

And I'm finishing soon.

Schenker is sick. I wanted to wake him up at 5 but when I touched him, he felt very hot. And so I just gave him a fever medicine and told him to go back to sleep.

Samantha's going swimming in her school today.

My friends are coming over to visit after lunch.

And I'm still playing the song : Tender Love by Force MD.

I guess if I had a dog with me listening to my music, her tongue would be hanging, saliva all dropping, just tired from hearing the same music over and over again for the past 5 hours. LOL.

Anyways, I still have 8 more to go.

Just wanting to wish everybody a good week.

(I'm still keeping away from that crab, by the way).

Good Monday morning, everyone!