Good Saturday Morning!

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I thought I'm done for the week... but no, God said, I'm not done... not yet.

I just got my weekend blessing: a pay out and more work. Isn't God an awesome God, blessing His children in so many ways?

There are some things in line for today:

  1. Samantha's drama class
  2. Children's Church in the afternoon and Schenker is very excited to be promoted to Junior Praise Church. He's now considered 7 years old, according to Malaysia education system (He just turned 6 last October), so he's now promoted to bigger kids' church.
  3. A Barbie Fairytopia themed birthday party for my friend Grace's daughter, Leila, and we're attending.
  4. Going to see Josiet and her family there. 

Our Saturdays are usually filled with activities. I am glad I'm done with my laundry last night.

A friend asked me what I do with extra income we get for the family. I told her we do invest in kids' education. This reminds me to compare life insurance too. It's always good to invest in this kind of insurance. So one day, we get to see where our hard work have gone. This way, we have savings and at the same time, an investment.

What do you do for your extra income?

Just to think about for this weekend.

I hope everybody will have a good weekend.


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