House Cleaning Services

posted by Jan


Life is full of choices.

In Malaysia, only those who are doing really well can afford to have house helpers (stay in helpers). Usually, when both husband and wife go to work, they hire a maid to take care of the house and even the children.

House helpers or maids can be brought in from the neighboring countries. You have to be very rich to get Filipino maids as Filipinos have higher rates, compared to their Indonesian counterparts.

I think the Filipino maid salary starts from RM1,000...

The Indonesian have two categories: Muslim and non-Muslim. For Indonesian Muslim maids, the salary starts at 450RM while the non-Muslim ones starting salary is RM500.

Filipinos have higher rates because mostly, maids from the Philippines are usually degree holders and Filipinos can speak English.

Helpers can be hired from Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, and Laos, too.. although I am not sure of their paying rates. The only set back with them is that language is mostly a struggle as not all of them can speak Malaysian language and English language.

Malaysians don't work as maids here in Malaysia... because even poor Malaysians have subsidies from the government.

And so... back to the house cleaning services.

There are Malaysians that do house cleaning services. There are foreigners too. And so for those who value their privacy and not want to hire a maid, they opt for house cleaning services where a cleaner comes to the house once a week and spend 5 hours cleaning the house.

I guess the daily rate now is RM50/day for 5 hours.

And so, sometimes, when I am too busy and we have something on at home, or we have guests coming and I need to work/beat the work online... we do hire a cleaner.

I think there's nothing wrong in hiring a cleaner even if I am just staying at home. It's a choice we can make. That's why I always say life is full of choices. We can make our life work for us, I should say.

I can choose not to hire a cleaner but can make life more stressful. Then I can only complain.