The House in Baan: Butuan Flood Update

posted by Jan

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Flooded house in Baan. Photo Courtesy: Theresa Ensalada Diola

My friend was kind enough to go to Baan (that was where I used to live) to take photos of the houses there.

My mom actually called this morning and she said she and my father were safe and sound in Tubay. That's a town in the province of Agusal del Norte.

I chatted with my friend also who lives in Butuan and this morning, it was raining but now the rain has stopped already. Thank God. I've never seen Butuan centre so flooded before. It has always been in Baan that would be flooded first.

Anyways, I guess after the via duct, Baan got better. It's not so flooded anymore.

Thanks for my friend who's been keeping tract of the flood situation in Butuan.

1 comment