How to Truncate Posts in Blogger and Wordpress

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You've seen it in other blogs. And it's quite interesting because if you want to read further, you just click "read more." You've been really curious on how to do it in either your blogger or your wordpress blogs.

And what are the benefits of truncating posts in homepages, you may ask. Indeed, there are benefits to it. Aside from the easy way for search engine robots to crawl your posts, you get more traffic too.


Low Alexa Rating Benefits

Because if a reader reads your posts and is curious to know how you end your post, they will simply click read more. That's an additional click to your post, which is beneficial to Alexa ratings. The more people read your blog, the more the Alexa ratings go down. And you know it's more advantageous if your Alexa score is low. It simply means you have a lot of traffic to your blog.

SEO Benefits

I have read that to truncate your posts, it's easy for SEO (search engine optimization) robots to crawl your posts, thus your posts will appear more on search engine websites.

Easy Way to Truncate your Blogger Blog

There are javascripts that you can use to install in your template. But it takes technicalities to do that. And I am not so techie so I'll stick on the easy part. How do you truncate a blogger post?

Simply go to create a new post, after you have done your post, check whether you're on compose mode. If you're on compose mode, look on the bar above the box where you type in your post.

Put your cursor on the line where you want to truncate or break your post and look for "insert jump break" and click it. In your html code, it reads like this:

Easy Way to Truncate a Wordpress Blog?

What about in wordpress blog? There is a plugin that would automatically truncate your post. Just key in the search box for additional plugin and voila, you can install it in your wordpress-powered blogs.

But there's an easy way to truncate your post in your wordpress blogs. You can do it manually so you can have more control which part you want to be visible on your homepage. Here's the easy way to truncate a post in wordpress blog:

  1. Make a new post.
  2. Identify until which part you want to be visible on your wordpress homepage.
  3. Place the blinking cursor on the line where you want to truncate your post
  4. On the bar above the box where you type your post, look for the icon that says "Insert More Tag"
  5. A line break will appear. 
  6. Check your homepage.

Enjoy truncating your posts the easy peasy way!