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I was giving a friend a basic photography tutorial yesterday and was inspired to take photos again.

She's buying my Sony A380. Yay!

I thought I was going to reserve it for my Schenker when he turns a few years older for him to practice photography... but husband thought it would probably rust my camera as I haven't been using it for a few months now.

And so, when a friend asked if we were still selling the camera, we finally decided to give it a go.

I was a bit nostalgic upon seeing the came in other people's hands. Sony produces vibrant colors (even more vibrant than that of my Nikon). I know because I compared the shots I took of the Twin Towers and her shot. The Sony reflected a purplish cloud behind the towers, the Nikon didn't - for same settings.

But I can't have too many of the same thing, can I?

And so... bye bye, Sony. I am pretty sure Sandra is going to take care of you well... and make the most of you.

For now, I am posting a photo I took of Samantha yesterday.

For I am inspired, again.