Mopping the Floor.

posted by Jan

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My kids do love mopping the floor. If I let them, they could mop every day. But since every after they mop, it gives me more work to do to clean up the mess, I don't let them do it everyday.

Our floor is marble type. Most houses in Malaysia have marble flooring.

It is easy to clean marble floors. You don't need to use all those special floor cleaner. You just need to use water. If you use a floor cleaner, it would take away the luster of the surface. So if you want to be have a shiny marble floor, just mop it with a floor mop and water.
I wonder if they do Laminate flooring install, too. I wouldn't know because I haven't gone to a lot of houses here yet.

That's why I can let the children mop the floor because I only use mop and water.

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