On Sleeping Early

posted by Jan

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These days, I've been trying to sleep early, especially on the weekdays when kids have to go to school early morning.

Schenker must get up before 6:00am because his pick up is around 6:25am. As I have said before, the kids' schedules changed our daily routine so much.

If I sleep the normal times I sleep, it doesn't benefit my health. And so, these days, I try to sleep early, especially when I don't have a lot of work online to do.

But I wish on weekends I can sleep longer. It doesn't happen actually because when the kids wake up, I wake up too. I might need melatonin to get undisturbed sleep. Hehehe.

But really, my dream is to have a good break and sleep longer.

Mommy breakaway, anyone?

image: timtim.com