Spa in Hatyai?

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It has been long since I haven't done any spa. I thought of doing a do-it-yourself spa, but until now I haven't done it yet.

In fact, I am so tempted to take that promotion of [87% Off] RM49 only for 60 minutes of Oxygen Facial with Eye Treatment + 20 minutes Chromo Light Therapy Steam Bath + 20 min Back Massage. The usual price for that package is RM386. Do you think it's worth taking that promo?

But I am also thinking twice because I am going to Hatyai. I might not be able to claim it.

Anyways, will see if I can do spa in Hatyai.

There are really spa treatments that are therapeutic. Take for example, cold therapy that is done to relieve muscle and joint pain. But you have to be extra careful not to overdo it as it can cause more damage than treatment. So if you go for cold treatments, make sure you go to the experts. But of course, if cold therapy will go wrong, there are always people to help you with a cold therapy lawsuit. Sometimes, some personal injuries are not your fault so you might need help to sort it out.

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