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Royal Wedding Photos

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I know this is kinda late.. I took the screen shots of the Royal Wedding during the BBC News Live Coverage. But I had to go somewhere after I saw the wedding so I am late in posting the photos.

But here's my share on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and now Princess Catherine (Kate).

Good Morning, America!

posted by Jan


Who would have thought I'd be back one year later?

This is just one those little surprises that God has been bestowing on me. I can't thank Him enough for it.

When I learned that my husband was coming here, I was envious at the thought, yes... but I didn't expect that I would be coming along, too.

He was in Canada when he asked me to be open at the idea. And so I considered it. Just last week, we tried to book for our airtickets.

God has truly blessed us.

And so, after a long flight from Kuala Lumpur (that would include 2 stopovers: at Narita International Airport in Japan and Chicago O'Hare International Airport), we are finally here in Georgia, staying with friends.

Today we are going to drive down to South Carolina to check on something, maybe, for future reference. We don't know yet. Only God knows our future. But we can see the door slowly opening for us. We're not too sure if it will totally open or we're just given a chance to peek... but everything is in God's hands.

It is Spring here and I'm kind of enjoying the weather.

I can't wait to see more. After all, this is just my first day.

Thank you Lord, indeed for making this happen.

Although I am going to miss my kids. But I know my family back home is taking care of them very well.

Thank you, Lord.

You are very generous, indeed.

Good Morning, America.

It is great to be here once again!

Dreaming of Vacation while on Vacation

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Summer is already up. Wondering where to go this summer? I was thinking of a place where I can purely relax and have fun with my family! I wanted to go to a place where there’s a very nice and relaxing private villas for rent like a pollensa apartments I am seeing in a web. I hope there was and I wish it would be near the beach and also ad a private pool.

Two-bedroom room is big enough for my family as long as it has a big televeision where we can watch whenever we still have time after our adventure, with fridge, with stove ofcourse just if ever we need to cook and most especially with internet access! Oh, you know we can’t live without an internet access, but again, just incase only. Coz we all know why we need a vacation right? To get away from the things that stressing us out!

So what I really need is to sleep all night after swimming all day, eat everything I want and visit any kind of entertainment the villas have. Going out for a vacation and spending such amount of money is all worth it if the place you’re going to visit is like a paradise where everything you need is there, where all the staff were very accomodating and have initiative and knows what you need automatically. I hate to demand to people so I better wait for them to offer things. I’m sure they know what I need! I also love it if even the owner of the villas were very friendly and has a good relationship with their customers, that would made me feel more at home and comfortable.

Oh, it’s always nice to dream for a place like this. I have so many things in mind, like I wanted to stare at the green trees that surrounds me where you can’t see in the very polluted and crowded city. I also wanted to just stare at the clouds while sunbathing while having a nice massage from a therapist. After that I would probably have another adventure like playing golf even though I am not good at it yet, I will surely play golf and learn from there! Or maybe a boat riding. I’m sure there’s an activity there where you can have a coast tour where you can do diving or snorkeling, wow that’s an adventure! Or maybe enjoy our stay in one of Pollensa apartments in the UK!

I always wanting to see live fishes swimming under the sea and running around the corals. That was a very fasntastic sight we all surely love to see. One more thing I have in mind is to kayak or ride a speedboat! I wonder where will I do this thing? Everything I said here, I will surely do those things with my family! For the meantime, let me enjoy my travel right now. Happy EASTER everyone! God Bless!

Things to be Careful about when You're Pregnant

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Are you taking medications during your pregnancy? If you have no serious problems with your pregnancy or you have no serious medication needed, don't try taking one. You don't know what it can cause to you especially to your baby. When I was pregnant I was not taking even a simple paracetamol coz I was really afraid of the possible effects. I have read an article about the topamax side effects to the newborn babies.

Topamax is used to treat seizures and severe migraines. Some of the pregnant women with this kind of sickness were taking topamax without knowing these can develop birth defects specifically cleft lips and palates. So if you might know someone that has this kind of side effects with the use of topamax you can visit any Topamax lawsuit center and let them help you with your case.

Here's one that you can visit - O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Old and Rugged Home

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Our rented house is really very old. I think the owner didn't do a good maintenance for the house. Now everybody in our family is complaining how run down our house looks like, especially when you look from outside the gate.

Anyways, we're planning to move out, again. Hopefully we can do it this time. I guess now we know what to look for in a house: a good airconditioning unit, a good floor that has been installed by a good Wood floor installers, good sink, good kitchen, good everything.

We have half a year to find another house.

May God help us.

Wood floor installers

Reject Shop and Factory Outlet Shop

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Here are two of my favorite places to shop. They do offer good quality clothings at a cheaper rate. The clothes may have some factory defects a bit they're negligible. And so when I was shopping for spring clothes, I saw a couple of cute spring dresses from Reject Shop, took it to the counter where the guy punched in the price code on one of their POS systems and I was pleased to know they were not expensive.

I also buy my kids' clothes at the Factory Outlet. They have a lot of good brands available, too.

And speaking of which, I guess it is now time to go shopping for kids' clothes again. Schenker has been growing fast and almost all his clothes are a bit tight for him already.

Binibining Pilipinas 2011 (Miss Philippines 2011)

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Just saw the news. And no, I wasn't able to watch the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 (Miss Philippines 2011) but I saw the result:

So here's the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 winners.

Bb Pilipinas Universe 2011 - Shamcey Supsup

Bb Pilipinas International - Dianne Necio
Bb Pilipinas Tourism - Isabella Manjon
1st Runner Up - Janine Tugunon
2nd Runner Up - Marie Jane Lastimosa

Will have to google up their photos. LOL.

I am weird like this.

Photo Shoot Part 2

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I am excited that on Wednesday, I'm going to have another photoshoot session with my girl friends who are coming all the way from Thailand.

They're going to be staying with me for 3 nights and so I happily planned on doing a bit of portraitures for them.

This time, of course, although I don't have a complete photography equipment yet, but I know I'd be ready with costumes and accessories. And also, I already have a perfect photo shoot location for us. I don't sound too excited, do I?


Anyways, my theme is going to be more exotic. I can't wait. I hope to be able to bring out the concept I have in mind. It would be great to shoot them in their bridal gowns but I guess that part can wait. I am only guessing that one of them can't wait to wear one. *Grin*

I am just excited. That's all. :D