Dreaming of Vacation while on Vacation

posted by Jan

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Summer is already up. Wondering where to go this summer? I was thinking of a place where I can purely relax and have fun with my family! I wanted to go to a place where there’s a very nice and relaxing private villas for rent like a pollensa apartments I am seeing in a web. I hope there was and I wish it would be near the beach and also ad a private pool.

Two-bedroom room is big enough for my family as long as it has a big televeision where we can watch whenever we still have time after our adventure, with fridge, with stove ofcourse just if ever we need to cook and most especially with internet access! Oh, you know we can’t live without an internet access, but again, just incase only. Coz we all know why we need a vacation right? To get away from the things that stressing us out!

So what I really need is to sleep all night after swimming all day, eat everything I want and visit any kind of entertainment the villas have. Going out for a vacation and spending such amount of money is all worth it if the place you’re going to visit is like a paradise where everything you need is there, where all the staff were very accomodating and have initiative and knows what you need automatically. I hate to demand to people so I better wait for them to offer things. I’m sure they know what I need! I also love it if even the owner of the villas were very friendly and has a good relationship with their customers, that would made me feel more at home and comfortable.

Oh, it’s always nice to dream for a place like this. I have so many things in mind, like I wanted to stare at the green trees that surrounds me where you can’t see in the very polluted and crowded city. I also wanted to just stare at the clouds while sunbathing while having a nice massage from a therapist. After that I would probably have another adventure like playing golf even though I am not good at it yet, I will surely play golf and learn from there! Or maybe a boat riding. I’m sure there’s an activity there where you can have a coast tour where you can do diving or snorkeling, wow that’s an adventure! Or maybe enjoy our stay in one of Pollensa apartments in the UK!

I always wanting to see live fishes swimming under the sea and running around the corals. That was a very fasntastic sight we all surely love to see. One more thing I have in mind is to kayak or ride a speedboat! I wonder where will I do this thing? Everything I said here, I will surely do those things with my family! For the meantime, let me enjoy my travel right now. Happy EASTER everyone! God Bless!