Good Morning, America!

posted by Jan


Who would have thought I'd be back one year later?

This is just one those little surprises that God has been bestowing on me. I can't thank Him enough for it.

When I learned that my husband was coming here, I was envious at the thought, yes... but I didn't expect that I would be coming along, too.

He was in Canada when he asked me to be open at the idea. And so I considered it. Just last week, we tried to book for our airtickets.

God has truly blessed us.

And so, after a long flight from Kuala Lumpur (that would include 2 stopovers: at Narita International Airport in Japan and Chicago O'Hare International Airport), we are finally here in Georgia, staying with friends.

Today we are going to drive down to South Carolina to check on something, maybe, for future reference. We don't know yet. Only God knows our future. But we can see the door slowly opening for us. We're not too sure if it will totally open or we're just given a chance to peek... but everything is in God's hands.

It is Spring here and I'm kind of enjoying the weather.

I can't wait to see more. After all, this is just my first day.

Thank you Lord, indeed for making this happen.

Although I am going to miss my kids. But I know my family back home is taking care of them very well.

Thank you, Lord.

You are very generous, indeed.

Good Morning, America.

It is great to be here once again!