Photo Shoot Part 2

posted by Jan


I am excited that on Wednesday, I'm going to have another photoshoot session with my girl friends who are coming all the way from Thailand.

They're going to be staying with me for 3 nights and so I happily planned on doing a bit of portraitures for them.

This time, of course, although I don't have a complete photography equipment yet, but I know I'd be ready with costumes and accessories. And also, I already have a perfect photo shoot location for us. I don't sound too excited, do I?


Anyways, my theme is going to be more exotic. I can't wait. I hope to be able to bring out the concept I have in mind. It would be great to shoot them in their bridal gowns but I guess that part can wait. I am only guessing that one of them can't wait to wear one. *Grin*

I am just excited. That's all. :D