Babies and Kids

posted by Jan

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I just miss the times when my kids are still little babies unable to talk and walk. Those were moments when my husband and I were still the whole world for them because they can’t do anything without them. When, they wanted to eat or wanted to dry themselves, they burst out in loud cry to get our attention. I missed the days when they just sleep peacefully in the comfort of my arms.

Now, as they have grown up to be kids, things have become different, young as they are, they already have a mind of their own. There may even times that, they try to do things exactly how they want to do them not minding what I told them. It is but a sign that they are eventually slipping out of our lives.

Well, it’s sad but it is a reality that “our children aren’t ours – they belong to life’s longing for itself” as Kahlil Gibran had it in his poem.