Helen O'Grady Drama Academy - Samantha's Performance Part 1

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We sent Samantha to a drama school at Taipan, USJ 10, at Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in January this year, just to try it out. She seemed to be enjoying her time there so we decided to enroll her. She started going once a week for 1 one hour every session.

And so, 6 months had passed and we were invited to a showcase this morning. It was sort of informal, just to show parents what they have learned from the past 6 months.

Samantha did 3 performances and I took videos of all 3. I just finished uploading the first video and here it is:

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy presents the 11:30 class doing speeches and poems:

Samantha is the youngest of them all, actually. But as a mom, I think, she did very well.

What do you think?

Coming up are 2 videos of them doing phantomime and role playing in a chocolate factory setting.

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