Paypal Malaysia Customer Service

posted by Jan

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Last month, paypal sent me a double payment from the company I work at. It was great to see a double payment but I also knew it wasn't meant for me. I was going to travel that time so I contacted the company and told them about it. I guess the company didn't know what was happening so they didn't reply to me email.

But I went ahead and refunded them the money. The refund period is one month only. Like I said I was going to travel so I went ahead and give them back the money. After I sent the payment, I contacted again the company but I got a reply asking if I was really sure about it.

I was still in the US when paypal sent me an email saying there was error in their part and was going to refund the double payment. I contacted again the company thinking they could stop the refund because I already refunded the money. They said they couldn't do anything about it because it was paypal's error.

And two days ago, when I opened my paypal account, to my horror, I saw a negative amount of money. Paypal took back the double payment.

I tried looking for contact form and glad to find they already have customer service in Malaysia.

I spoke to one of their receptionists and glad that their customer service was very efficient.

She said they were going to put back the money because it was their error. She said it would take 2-4 business days. But one day later, when I checked back my paypal, I was glad to see I had the money back to my account.

That was really a fast response from Paypal Malaysia.

I do commend their customer service.

Thanks so much!