T Shirts

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When there are events like charity shows, walkathons, marathons or just any public event, the organizers usually have t-shirts printed for the particular occasion. Organizers do this to promote the activity itself; it is also a way for sponsors of the event to advertise, as some would like to place company logos on the shirt. T-shirts also serve as keepsakes or remembrance of any event. Usually it is the organizers that distribute t-shirts to participants and they usually contact t-shirt printing companies for orders. Luckily, most participants would love to have a remembrance of any event or activity like t-shirts as they can be used over and over again. 

Having said all those, I got this grey Monkey t-shirt and I am loving it. The quality of the material is thick and yet it's soft. I got the small size and I'm glad I did although I didn't think I was small. I like how the logo was well made. It does look funny though. Everytime I wear it, my kids laugh and they call me monkey mommy. It's good to make kids laugh. :)