Take a Break. Now.

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If you have been tied to your busy schedules beating deadlines, traffic and everything in-between, then a villa holiday abroad might be the right place for you. Setting aside a time for a family vacation or a time alone would not hurt. Look forward to coming back to work recharged and ready to venture on new set of challenges. Enjoy the luxury of not having to wake up early to get on the rat race of yet another busy day.

Take a break.


Fresh breeze, lazy walks, kayaking, enjoying good food and a breath-taking view with family would be a treat, and probably the best way to unwind. The comfortable and accessible cottages to rent with sports and leisure activities offer great enjoyment and fun for you and the family! There would be no dull moments as sports facilities are also available. Biking , golfing and just going on an outdoor adventure would surely make your visit worthwhile—and you go home refreshed and stress-free.

Cornwall cottages on the other hand, would also be a perfect escape from hectic city life. Hearing birds chirp and enjoying a good morning walk with fresh air, witnessing an amazing sunrise and leisurely hanging around enjoying a good cup of coffee would be a complete contrast to bustling city lifestyle. Bring your surfboards on a warm summer day, enjoy the waves and get a a great tan. Riding on Cornwall waves might be the best one you will have yet so far. Discovering why Cornwall is dubbed as the most mysterious and unique region in the whole of Mainland England would be for you and the family to discover! Uncover the mysteries and the rich cultural heritage that this beautiful place has. Just when you thought you have seen much of this beautiful place, you will find yourself wandering around finding yet other beautiful treasures uncovered! Keep your family excited!

For horse enthusiasts and would want to ride see on Arab horses on the move, Rosevidney Barton Stud is the perfect place for you. Available there are horses with highest quality possible, with a rare combination of breed, beautiful heads and almost perfect temperaments. Enjoy an unforgettable ride on the countryside on the best horses coming from a breed of the strongest, the fastest and the most beautiful breed of horses you have ever seen or ridden. Discover the Make your family vacation memorable by enjoying the breath-taking countryside view. Your time at the Rosevidney Barton Stud would definitely be unlike all the family vacations you have had in the past. Those beautiful horses there could make all that difference.