YWAM Base, Colorado Springs

posted by Jan

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I came a couple of days ago from Atlanta to join my husband in Colorado Springs. We are staying at YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Base. The place is overlooking a beautiful picturesque mountain of the Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs.

We went to the Garden of the Gods Nature Center to know more about the Garden of the Gods before visiting the place. They were selling all sorts of souvenirs there. I saw fridge magnets, post cards, different kinds of precious stones. I am not sure whether they're Black diamond earrings I saw but the jewelry there are just soo pretty. I wish I could afford to buy for my girlie...

Anyways, we have visited the Garden of the Gods... I am hoping to drive up to Pikes Peak today. Also, I am praying for a good weather.

Oh... the YWAM Base used to be Hilton Hotel. :D