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Shopping in Bandung, Indonesia

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I went with my husband to Bandung, Indonesia last week for a meeting. When I knew I was part of the meeting and was going with my husband, I checked online on what else to do in Bandung aside from our meeting.

And so.. what can you do in Bandung? I found there are just too many things to do. For one, you can go shopping. Second, you can go shopping. Third, you can go shopping. LOL. In other words, Bandung is a shopping haven.

They have a lot of factory outlets in town. I heard people from all over Indonesia and some parts of the world go to Bandung for shopping. I guess it would be more exciting if they do have bluetooth barcode scanner. You don't have to walk around, finding a scanner to know the price, or something like that.

Did I go shopping in Bandung? Yes, I did. But we only had 1 hour to do so. So it's not a happy shopping day. When you go to Bandung just for shopping reasons, give yourself a couple of days to do so, so you can get around all the factory outlets.

Finding Love Online

posted by Jan


Because of the pressing times now, many single men and women work hard just to be able to survive and due to the pressures of subsistence and existence, most of these men and women have no time to date or socialize and mingle with others. So their love life is poor and boring. But because of the advent of internet, technology and these so-called social networking sites and online dating sites, these lonely people have a found a way to light up their insipid lives.

As a result, men who felt like they could not find someone to love or accept them, or women who also felt like they will never get married at all, have found partners through the internet. Many love and life coaches have also emanated, providing steps on how to get a woman’s phone number or how to get a date or how to get laid tonight and eventually turn that woman into a girlfriend or wife. There are websites like Pandora’s Box (A Man’s Guide to the Female Mind) that have created ways and steps (scientifically based on how to attract women and let them stay with you.

In our world today, everything is almost possible, even finding a mate online is no longer an illusion, but a reality. Even to those who have already given up on love, there is still hope, a ray of light. All you have to do is just explore and discover.

Before and After

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The world has truly advanced now. Everything can be done online and every day there are new gadgets and technologies being invented and released in the markets. The technology has really made our lives convenient and things easier to do. Every institution and establishment have adapted to all these changes, even schools and school children alike.

Before, students take down notes on their paper notebooks, but because the advancement of technology, many students have dumped the paper for netbook computers and their pens for stylus. Even books have become e-books and the information is all stored in tablets. Now, what do you think would be the next innovation?

Instant and Express

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Almost everything can be done in a flash right now. Our foods for example can be cooked instantly or if we’re too lazy to cook, we just dine out or order from fast food chains. Paying our bills can also be done instantly via online payment options and even relationships have not escaped the “instant” or “express” mode. Some people find their dates online instantly, some guys send flower quick to impress a girl instantly. While others go on speed dating.

With everything going on express and instant nowadays, the personal touch gets lost in between. For me, it still feels better to be slow and sure, with no regrets in the end.

But of course, sometimes, you just need to do that. Especially now that Father's day is approaching, 3 days to be exact, you can send flowers quick. That's a sureway to show how grateful you are to your father, with no regrets.

KLCC Tuesday - Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

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2nd day of kids' school vacation.

We planned to go to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) where the Twin Towers were... and where Petrosains Science Discovery Centre was.

But sad to say, we didn't book before we went. So the tickets were sold out that day.

My family, showing their sad faces:

And so we decided to go outside.

But it was cloudy and humid.

But we didn't want to spoil the fun....

So we went to Sunway Lagoon Club to have a swim.

You can tell the kids were very happy.

And it made a happy mommy. :D