Shopping in Bandung, Indonesia

posted by Jan

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I went with my husband to Bandung, Indonesia last week for a meeting. When I knew I was part of the meeting and was going with my husband, I checked online on what else to do in Bandung aside from our meeting.

And so.. what can you do in Bandung? I found there are just too many things to do. For one, you can go shopping. Second, you can go shopping. Third, you can go shopping. LOL. In other words, Bandung is a shopping haven.

They have a lot of factory outlets in town. I heard people from all over Indonesia and some parts of the world go to Bandung for shopping. I guess it would be more exciting if they do have bluetooth barcode scanner. You don't have to walk around, finding a scanner to know the price, or something like that.

Did I go shopping in Bandung? Yes, I did. But we only had 1 hour to do so. So it's not a happy shopping day. When you go to Bandung just for shopping reasons, give yourself a couple of days to do so, so you can get around all the factory outlets.

1 comment