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Save the Date | Passion 2012 Live Link

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Passion Conferences just tweeted:

SAVE THE DATE. Passion 2012 Live Link uniting students around the globe, Monday night, September 26! Details to come!

I can't wait to see the live link.

Loui Giglio's messages are always very inspiring. Looking forward to hear the message. Worship music has been always awesome, especially when David Crowder, Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin and Christy Knockles lead the worship.

Truly glorifying God, drawing people to know His heart and call. :D The renown of His name!

I believe there will be millions of young people that will be blessed.

September 26. Save the date. :D

Here's the Passion 2012 Promo Video.

Money Matters

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Carlos Slim Helu is the world’s richest man since 2010. He is a Mexican businessman who owns telecommunications companies and has other holdings from various businesses all over the world. His father was a businessman before him and all of his children were taught business practices at an early age. Carlos was able to buy his first shares at the age of twelve and by the age 26, he was already worth $40 million. These achievements are exceptional and rarely does a person experience a success of this caliber.

Being one of the most influential men today, he was able to inspire many people through his business achievements and also his philanthropic deeds. Those who follow his steps become more hardworking and more intelligent in handling their money. Loans, credits, cash advance and the likes are planned meticulously and used to invest money in profitable businesses. This was how the greatest businessmen of today become rich. So if we want to become one of them, let’s plan well and invest well.

Social Networking for a Cause

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The only permanent thing in this world is change. Two decade ago, we would not have known concepts such as wifi, autocad, powerpoint, electronic mails and the likes. But now, these words are very common and people can not function without these things. And everyday technology is improved, applications added, breakthroughs discovered, and science accelerating.

We had a seminar on Social Media today and its implications to our communities and the world itself. Their presentation was like a lapel pin for their passions and the things that they believe in. It was symbolic and really represented their thoughts and what they want to do for the communities in the world. Social media affect our lives whether we like it or not, making the most of it or enjoying it depends on us. Others use it purely for entertainment, some for business and there are those who use it for their cause.

Believe it or not, there are still organizations in the world that are not using the internet for advertising because of the limitations it presents. So this seminar has been a help to those who do not use the media for socialization. Through social media, more people are reached at a lesser price.

Free Hand Spa at Yves Rocher

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Went to Subang Parade to take my family for a nice meal at Nando's. But walked past Yves Rocher that was offering free hand spa. But you can avail of its promotion if you show a store-wide receipt of RM50 and above.

My husband purchased something from The Body Shop. That's his favorite by the way. And so we had one free spa. And so I thought all of us could go. We took my mom for a dress shopping in Reject Shop. I bought a couple of black dresses for her and another - yes - another maxi dress for me and a denim skirt for Samantha (her choice). Separated the bill so we had four.

Since we had lunch at Nando's, we had another bill worth RM50 above. So all of us (Samantha included) went for a free spa. The girl who did our hand spa was very kind and so I returned the favor by buying an organic soap - blackberry flavour. Hehehe.

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 - Malaysia

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There's going to be a Friendly Match between Liverpool FC and Malaysia XI tomorrow as part of Liverpool's Asia Tour 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium which starts at 5:45pm), July 16, 2011.

Are we going to watch it?


We bought free seating tickets worth 68RM/ticket.

This is going to be a surprise for my sister who arrived yesterday with my parents, as part of her graduation gift from us.

She doesn't know yet ( as this is going to be a surprise) but if she accidentally reads this, I'm a dead duck. LOL.

WW - An Old Photograph

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I posted this on my other blog but since that blog is under maintenance, I am posting my old photograph here.

My high school graduation photo.

Can you guess which one I am here? LOL. Sorry. This is really old and you can't almost see me... but... oh well... Guess it's not hard to tell. I still look the same. Yeah, right! LOL.

For more White entries:

What do our Children See?

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Oftentimes we presume that our kids see what we see. Parents should ask the question, “what does my child see?”—and this does not only apply to what he or she sees physically. It could also be, “what is he or she focused on?” What we focus on are things that matter and are important to us.

If you are a parent and you are an athlete, you would see things from an athlete’s perspective. You would prefer to linger on the sports channel. What if your child likes to bake? Cook? Finds pleasure in watching those cooking shows? It means one thing: your child has set a focus. He or she has seen something—something you may not necessarily see.

As a parent, it is not our duty to let our kids see what we see. It would not be right to let them love what we love, either. Begin to see what your child sees and by all means, support them as individuals owning a different vision that you have. Let them soar to reach their potentials and highest dreams!

When Rewards Become Traps

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Children naturally look for rewards. It is likened to the “wind beneath their wings”. While it is good to reward our children, it can also be dangerous as a trap. It becomes one when our kids could no longer function well if we don’t give them the “price that’s right”.

When our kids would start to ask, “what’s in it for me?” It means that he or she did not understand well why he or she has to do something good. All those years that they have been obedient were all because of the rewards that they’ll get.

It is important therefore that parents would draw a big, clear picture why children have to do what they have to do. Sure, the rewards and the encouragements would be a part of the picture. It could still very well be the wind beneath their wings.

When kids become adults, they would not be lured by people who would give them rewards by doing something evil. They would understand that rewards come because they deserve it, not just to satisfy their wants and desires.

The Internet has it All

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Sometimes friends ask me where to get elegant and posh engagement rings since they know that I am always online and can check out websites of all sorts. So as a help, I direct friends to since some of my other friends too have purchased items from this website.

This is just one of the many advantages of having access to the internet. I can just ask Mr. Google where, what, how, when and why and literally, in just seconds, answers will be given to me. The wonders of the internet have truly made a big difference in our lives and have made everything a little bit easier and convenient.

One more thing. Did you know that you can take online business programs?
Think of the possibilities that will open up to you when you learn all you
can, using online college

Diamonds for Me?

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Diamonds they say are a girl’s best friend. Well, I do admire diamonds and jewelry, but I could not afford to buy one myself. When my husband proposed to me, was I really expecting one of those diamond engagement rings? Well, not really actually, and did not receive one, I was still elated at the fact that I was getting engaged.

I got a more significant ring which was studded with garnet stone. If you know us, I and my husband have the same birth dates and that would mean we do have the same birth stone - garnet. He's just one year older than me. And on the side of the garnet, there were two small diamonds on each side and he explained that it meant: I love you.

One big diamond or not, what matters is that I was shown true love and that I was special in my husband’s eyes. That special treatment is still being afforded to me added with two adorable kids, my world is already complete.

Different Places Around the World

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Most places in Malaysia have excellent mobile coverage and there is a lot of variety to choose from. But this is not the case with some places. I have visited some areas of the world where mobile coverage was so faint it was practically invisible.

For places like that, it would have been helpful if we had a wilson cell booster. Speaking of which, it is time to get a new cell phone. I have gone without one for some time because there is a phone at home but in this day and age, I probably should have one.

I’m not really a techie when it comes to mobile phones, but that’s okay as I’m not really particular.

Preparing for Delivery

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Nothing gets one thinking like when there is going to be a new baby in the family. A good friend is expecting a baby soon and she went to find out about insurance options in Malaysia. One thing about Malaysia is that they have good coverage for any number of situations but what she also found out was that there did not seem to be any for delivery.

How funny. But I suppose it makes a lot of sense since there are always pregnant women who are going in to delivery. From my experience one thing I have learned is always to have savings particularly for delivery. That way, if any extra need comes up, like the need for an epidural, you are covered.

2011 Bersih Rally (Walk for Democracy) in Malaysia

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Tomorrow, Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur to be exact, will be very crowded as they are organizing a Bersih Rally (that's a follow up from 2007 Bersih Rally) or Walk for Democracy in Malaysia.

Simply put, this is going to be a call to the Election Commission of Malaysia to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Actually, a number of NGO's are supporting this rally but I am pretty sure that the government will make sure there is going to be peace during the rally.

If you're heading towards Kuala Lumpur or within Kuala Lumpur, please don't be surprised that the traffic will be very jammed... or that streets will be closed.

Even then, we ask people from all over the world to please say a prayer for peace in Malaysia while the rally is going on.

Vietnamese Coffee and Brazilian Coffee

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Just have to say this.

We are having Brazilian guests with us, along with other people from different countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria) and if you know me, I like entertaining guests.

In our office where we had our meeting, I tried to impress them by serving Vietnamese coffee. Okay. I know coffees in Brazil are really good. But Vietnamese coffee was the best coffee I had at home.

I have friends from Vietnam who came to our house last year and gave me 3 packs of Vietnamese coffee and since I love it so much, I tried not to drink a lot so I can still extend its life... hehehe. In fact, I had to buy coffee from Starbucks so I don't use the Vietnamese coffee that much. LOL.

And so, this time, when we're having some guests, I took out my coffee maker and I served my guests Vietnamese coffee.

And the next day, one of them gave me one big pack of Brazilian coffee. Extra Forte. Dunno what that means. LOL.

I am just so glad I have one of those coffee machines that I can use to brew coffee.

Some small small things in life make a happy me and I thank God for blessing me with the best coffee in the world!

Funny Baby Onesies as Gifts

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Babies are just so adorable, cute, and cuddly. They’re priceless. Our babies or kids are like fragile things that we need to take care of every single minute and prevent them from being harmed. Just like babies, we need to take care of them, feed them, bathe them, clothe them, play with them, and prevent them from getting hurt. My kids are now older and they can do stuff on their own but that's what exactly I did as a mom when my kids were babies.

I mentioned about clothing our precious angels awhile ago. Yeah, I happened to search this site which sells baby clothes such as funny baby onesies, baby-bodysuits, baby bodysuits for boy and girls, baby blankets, bibs, hats and caps, and even underwear and panties. I got so amazed with their products, especially the onesies because the designs are so adorable plus its really funny one-liner sayings which make our babies look so great. It would be a perfect gift for our nieces, nephews, goddaughters and godsons, too. I have a friend who's pregnant once again. It would be be a cool site to check out for gifts.

Nonetheless, price tags don’t really matter for what’s more important is how we give and do everything we can for our babies to make them feel loved and accepted.