2011 Bersih Rally (Walk for Democracy) in Malaysia

posted by Jan

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Tomorrow, Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur to be exact, will be very crowded as they are organizing a Bersih Rally (that's a follow up from 2007 Bersih Rally) or Walk for Democracy in Malaysia.

Simply put, this is going to be a call to the Election Commission of Malaysia to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Actually, a number of NGO's are supporting this rally but I am pretty sure that the government will make sure there is going to be peace during the rally.

If you're heading towards Kuala Lumpur or within Kuala Lumpur, please don't be surprised that the traffic will be very jammed... or that streets will be closed.

Even then, we ask people from all over the world to please say a prayer for peace in Malaysia while the rally is going on.