Money Matters

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Carlos Slim Helu is the world’s richest man since 2010. He is a Mexican businessman who owns telecommunications companies and has other holdings from various businesses all over the world. His father was a businessman before him and all of his children were taught business practices at an early age. Carlos was able to buy his first shares at the age of twelve and by the age 26, he was already worth $40 million. These achievements are exceptional and rarely does a person experience a success of this caliber.

Being one of the most influential men today, he was able to inspire many people through his business achievements and also his philanthropic deeds. Those who follow his steps become more hardworking and more intelligent in handling their money. Loans, credits, cash advance and the likes are planned meticulously and used to invest money in profitable businesses. This was how the greatest businessmen of today become rich. So if we want to become one of them, let’s plan well and invest well.